Investor Wand is a platform for stock pickers and retail investors for making sound investment decisions. At Investor Wand, we analyze thousands of stock recommendations, both from professional research analysts and individuals who have a passion for investing. Among the analysts, we sort out those with a better track record by sector, industry or company, so that retail investors can profit from winning investment strategies.

From our experience, professional research analysts do not perform better than market indices on average, while many retail investors possess the knowledge and cues of high return investors. Hence we opened the platform to all people who are passionate about investing and feel they can beat the average. If you want to track your investment ideas, add your recommendations and price targets, and see how you do over time.

Through Investor Wand, you will be able to identify investors like Warren Buffett, who make the highest returns. You can track and follow those investors, and when the time is right, invest like they do. We hope that Investor Wand will help you boost your portfolio and make your money.