Charter Communications, Inc. (CHTR)

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Charter Communications, Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides entertainment, information, and communications solutions to residential and commercial customers in the United States. It offers cable video programming services, including basic and digital video, premium channels, OnDemand, pay-per-view, high definition television, digital video recorder, and online video services. The company also provides Internet services, such as residential Internet services;, an Internet portal that provides multiple e-mail addresses, as well as various entertainment, games, news, and sports content; and Charter Security Suite, which protects computers from viruses and spyware, as well as provides parental control features. In addition, it offers telephone services, such as voice communications services primarily using voice over Internet protocol technology; broadband communications solutions comprising Internet access, data networking, fiber connectivity to cellular towers and office buildings, video entertainment services, and business telephone services to business and carrier organizations. As of December 31, 2012, the company served approximately 4.0 million video customers; approximately 3.8 million residential Internet customers; approximately 1.9 million residential telephone customers; and approximately 467,000 commercial primary service units, primarily small-and medium-sized commercial customers. Charter Communications, Inc. was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut.
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Jeffrey Wlodarczak Pivotal Research Group Buy   Oct 25, '19     600.00  Oct 25, '20  N/A 
Kannan Venkateshwar Barclays Sell   Oct 14, '19     338.00  Oct 14, '20  N/A 
Frank Louthan Raymond James Buy   Feb 04, '19     400.00  Feb 04, '20  N/A 
Matthew Harrigan Wunderlich Securities, Inc. Buy   Feb 01, '19     412.00  Feb 01, '20  N/A 
Mike Mccormack Nomura Buy   Feb 01, '19     430.00  Feb 01, '20  N/A 
John Hodulik UBS Buy   Feb 01, '19     383.00  Feb 01, '20  N/A 
Jason Bazinet Citi Buy   Feb 01, '19     390.00  Feb 01, '20  N/A 
Benjamin Swinburne Morgan Stanley Buy   Jan 16, '19     360.00  Jan 16, '20  N/A 
Kannan Venkateshwar Barclays Sell   Oct 10, '18     259.00  Oct 10, '19  N/A 
Jeffrey Wlodarczak Pivotal Research Group Buy   Jul 31, '18     415.00  Jul 31, '19  N/A 
Matthew Harrigan Wunderlich Securities, Inc. Buy   Jul 30, '18     397.00  Jul 30, '19  N/A 
Brett Feldman Deutsche Bank Securities Buy   Jun 21, '18     361.00  Jun 21, '19  N/A 
Jonathan Atkin RBC Capital Markets Buy   Feb 06, '18     420.00  Feb 06, '19  N/A 
Jeffrey Wlodarczak Pivotal Research Group Buy   Feb 05, '18     500.00  Feb 05, '19  N/A 
Marci Ryvicker Wells Fargo Securities, Llc Buy   Feb 05, '18       Feb 05, '19  N/A 
Gregory Miller Canaccord Genuity Buy   Feb 02, '18     440.00  Feb 02, '19  N/A 
Kannan Venkateshwar Barclays Sell   Feb 02, '18     300.00  Feb 02, '19  N/A 
Michael Morris Davenport & Company Llc Buy   Jan 03, '18       Jan 03, '19  N/A 
Matthew Harrigan Wunderlich Securities, Inc. Buy   Dec 13, '17     415.00  Dec 13, '18  N/A 
Kannan Venkateshwar Barclays Sell   Dec 04, '17     283.00  Dec 04, '18  N/A 
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