Oracle Corporation (ORCL)

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Last closing price is the stock price upon last market close (date specified in parenthesis).
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Return to date is the stock return for the specified period of time.
Consensus price target (1m/3m/6m/12m):
Consensus price target is the average analyst price target for a specified period of time.
Buy/Sell Mix (1m/3m/6m/12m):
Buy/sell mix the percentage mix between Buy and Sell recommendations for a given company or a research firm. Hold recommendations are excluded.
Oracle Corporation develops, manufactures, markets, hosts, and supports database and middleware software, applications software, and hardware systems. It licenses database and middleware software, including database and database management, application server and cloud application, service-oriented architecture and business process management, business intelligence, identity and access management, data integration, Web experience management, portals, and content management and social network software, as well as development tools and Java, a software development platform; and applications software comprising enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, financials, governance, risk and compliance, procurement, supply chain management, enterprise portfolio project and enterprise performance management, business intelligence analytic applications, Web commerce, and industry-specific applications software. The company also provides customers with rights to unspecified software product upgrades and maintenance releases; Internet access to technical content; and Internet and telephone access to technical support personnel. In addition, it offers computer server, storage and networking product, and hardware-related software, such as Oracle Solaris Operating System; Oracle engineered systems; storage products, which comprise tape, disk, and networking solutions for open systems and mainframe server environments; and hardware systems support solutions, including software updates for the software components, as well as product repair, maintenance, and technical support services. Further, the company provides consulting solutions in business and IT strategy alignment, enterprise architecture planning and design, initial product implementation and integration, and ongoing product enhancement and upgrade services; Oracle managed cloud services; and education services. Oracle Corporation was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Redwood City, California.
An analyst is a professional research analyst or an Investor Wand user who issued a recommendation for a given company.
Research Firm
A Research Firm is a company that researches and rates stocks and publishes recommendations.
Signal is a recommendation issued by an analyst. Investor Wand considers two types of recommendations: BUY and SELL.
Signal Date
A signal date is a date when a BUY or SELL recommendation was issued for given security.
Initial Price
Initial Price is the first closing price for a specified company upon recommendation release. If the recommendation is issued in after-market hours, the Initial Price is the next day’s closing price (for a given symbol). In case of dividend distributions and stock splits, Initial Price is adjusted.
Price Target
A Price Target is an analyst’s projection of a company’s stock price by the end of the recommendation period. It represents the price at which the analyst would exit his or her existing position.
Closing Date
Closing Date is the expiration date of a recommendation. The validity timeframe of a professional analyst’s recommendation is 12 months. Investor Wand analysts can set their recommendation timeframe to one, three, six, or 12 months.
The return on a single open recommendation is calculated as the maximum of the current return (based on the latest closing price) and the target price return, if the symbol reached the target. The return on a single closed recommendation is calculated as the maximum of the return on the closing date (at the end of recommendation timeframe) and the target price return, if the stock hit the target price. The return is adjusted for one-time events (e.g., stock splits).
Kirk Materne Evercore Partners Buy   Jun 21, '18     53.00  Jun 21, '19  N/A 
Derrick Wood Susquehanna Financial Group Buy   Jun 20, '18       Jun 20, '19  N/A 
John Difucci JPMorgan Buy   Jun 20, '18     61.00  Jun 20, '19  N/A 
Mark Moerdler High Peaks Buy   Jun 20, '18     63.00  Jun 20, '19  N/A 
Raimo Lenschow Barclays Buy   Jun 20, '18     58.00  Jun 20, '19  N/A 
Brad Zelnick Macquarie Research Equities Buy   Jun 07, '18     60.00  Jun 07, '19  N/A 
Joseph Bonner Argus Research Company Buy   Mar 21, '18     61.00  Mar 21, '19  N/A 
Keith Bachman BMO Capital Markets Buy   Mar 20, '18     53.00  Mar 20, '19  N/A 
Monika Garg Pacific Crest Securities Buy   Mar 18, '18     56.00  Mar 18, '19  N/A 
Brad Zelnick Macquarie Research Equities Buy   Mar 13, '18     62.00  Mar 13, '19  N/A 
Raimo Lenschow Barclays Buy   Mar 12, '18     60.00  Mar 12, '19  N/A 
Keith Weiss Morgan Stanley Buy   Jan 03, '18     57.00  Jan 03, '19  N/A 
Brian White Topeka Capital Markets Buy   Jan 02, '18     62.00  Jan 02, '19  N/A 
Kash Rangan BofA Merrill Lynch Buy   Dec 20, '17     62.00  Dec 20, '18  N/A 
Joseph Bonner Argus Research Company Buy   Dec 19, '17     61.00  Dec 19, '18  N/A 
Michael Turits Raymond James Buy   Dec 15, '17     55.00  Dec 15, '18  N/A 
Joel Fishbein Lazard Capital Markets Buy   Dec 15, '17     58.00  Dec 15, '18  N/A 
John Difucci JPMorgan Buy   Dec 15, '17     61.00  Dec 15, '18  N/A 
Keith Bachman BMO Capital Markets Buy   Dec 15, '17     55.00  Dec 15, '18  N/A 
Steven Koenig Wedbush Securities Inc. Buy   Dec 15, '17     58.00  Dec 15, '18  N/A 
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