International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

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International Business Machines Corporation provides information technology (IT) products and services worldwide. The company operates in five segments: Global Technology Services, Global Business Services, Software, Systems and Technology, and Global Financing. The Global Technology Services segment provides IT infrastructure and business process services, including strategic outsourcing, process, integrated technology, and technology support services. The Global Business Services segment offers consulting solutions for strategy and transformation, application innovation, enterprise applications, and smarter analytics; and application management, maintenance, and support services. The Software segment offers middleware and operating systems software, such as WebSphere software to integrate and manage business processes; information management software for database and enterprise content management, information integration, data warehousing, performance management business analytics and intelligence, and data analytics; Tivoli software for cloud and datacenter management, enterprise endpoint and mobile device management, asset and facilities management, storage management, and security systems; Lotus Software to connect people and processes for communication; rational software to support software development for IT and embedded systems; and operating systems software. The Systems and Technology segment provides computing power and storage solutions; and semiconductor technology, products, and packaging solutions. The Global Financing segment provides lease and loan financing to end users; commercial financing to dealers and remarketers of IT products; and remanufacturing and remarketing services for equipment. The company was formerly known as Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co. and changed its name to International Business Machines Corporation in 1924. The company was founded in 1910 and is headquartered in Armonk, New York.
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Charles Graham Unaffiliated Buy   Feb 19, '15   162.66  172.00  May 19, '15  6.39% 
David Grossman Stifel Nicolaus & Company, Inc. Buy   Jan 21, '15   149.90  180.00  Jan 21, '16  7.46% 
James Kisner Jefferies & Co. Sell   Jan 12, '15   154.18    Jan 12, '16  -4.48% 
Peter Misek Jefferies & Co. Sell   Jan 12, '15   154.18  133.00  Jan 12, '16  -4.48% 
Ronnie Moas Bernstein Research Buy   Dec 23, '14   159.90    Dec 23, '15  0.74% 
hakan ocal Unaffiliated Sell   Dec 07, '14   160.73  155.00  Mar 07, '15  4.24% 
Maynard Um Wells Fargo Securities, Llc Sell   Oct 21, '14   159.78  125.00  Oct 21, '15  -0.82% 
David Grossman Stifel Nicolaus & Company, Inc. Buy   Oct 21, '14   159.78  190.00  Oct 21, '15  0.82% 
Peter Misek Jefferies & Co. Sell   Oct 09, '14   182.48    Oct 09, '15  11.72% 
Ed Maguire Credit Agricole Securities Buy   Sep 30, '14   185.82  225.00  Sep 30, '15  -13.31% 
Jim Suva Citi Buy   Jan 22, '14   177.93    Jan 22, '15  -14.52% 
Ed Maguire Credit Agricole Securities Buy   Jan 17, '14   185.58  225.00  Jan 17, '15  -15.32% 
Kulbinder Garcha Credit Suisse Sell   Oct 17, '13   170.94  160.00  Oct 17, '14  -5.21% 
Chris Whitmore Deutsche Bank Securities Buy   Oct 17, '13   170.94  200.00  Oct 17, '14  5.21% 
Rob Cihra Evercore Partners Buy   Oct 17, '13   170.94  210.00  Oct 17, '14  5.21% 
Ed Maguire Credit Agricole Securities Buy   Oct 17, '13   170.94  215.00  Oct 17, '14  5.21% 
Jim Suva Citi Buy   Oct 17, '13   170.94    Oct 17, '14  5.21% 
David Grossman Stifel Nicolaus & Company, Inc. Buy   Oct 14, '13   182.81  237.00  Oct 14, '14  0.39% 
Dinos Mindrinos Unaffiliated Sell   Aug 20, '13   184.56  172.00  Sep 20, '13  -4.78% 
Kulbinder Garcha Credit Suisse Sell   Aug 06, '13   186.91    Aug 06, '14  -0.10% 
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