Fluidigm Corporation (FLDM)

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Fluidigm Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets microfluidic systems for academic research institutions, clinical laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and biotechnology and Ag-Bio companies. Its proprietary microfluidic systems consist of instruments and consumables, including integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs), assays, and other reagents. The company’s products include BioMark HD system that performs high-throughput gene expression analysis, single-cell gene expression analysis, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping, and digital polymerase chain reaction (PCR) using Fluidigm DELTAgene and SNPtype assays, other chemistries, and Fluidigm dynamic array and digital array IFCs; and EP1 system that performs SNP genotyping using Fluidigm SNPtype assays or TagMan assays, as well as end-point digital PCR using TaqMan assays, and Fluidigm Dynamic Array and Digital Array IFCs. Its products also comprise C1 Single-Cell Auto Prep system, which enables rapid and reliable isolation, processing, and profiling of individual cells for genomic analysis for various applications, such as targeted single-cell gene expression and single-cell messenger ribonucleic acids analysis; and Access Array system that enables automated sample preparation, barcoding, and tagging of targeted resequencing libraries. In addition, the company offers dynamic array, digital array, C1 single-cell auto prep array, and access array IFCs; and DELTAgene and SNPtype assays, and access array target-specific primers. Fluidigm Corporation distributes its systems through direct sales force and support organizations in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific; and through distributors or sales agents in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific countries. The company was formerly known as Mycometrix Corporation and changed its name to Fluidigm Corporation in April 2001. Fluidigm Corporation was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in South San Francisco, California.
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Peter Lawson Mizuho Securities USA Buy   Apr 22, '14   38.99    Apr 22, '15  0.00% 
Dan Leonard Leerink Swann Llc Buy   Apr 14, '14   35.27    Apr 14, '15  10.55% 
Jonathan Chen Unaffiliated Buy   Mar 17, '14   47.87  55.00  Mar 17, '15  -18.55% 
David Ferreiro Oppenheimer & Co. Buy   Feb 03, '14   43.60  52.00  Feb 03, '15  -10.57% 
Doug Schenkel Cowen And Company Buy   Aug 12, '13   20.13  24.00  Aug 12, '14  93.69% 
Sung Ji Nam Cantor Fitzgerald Buy   Aug 02, '13   19.55  23.00  Aug 02, '14  99.44% 
Sung Ji Nam Cantor Fitzgerald Buy   Feb 12, '13   16.69  20.00  Feb 12, '14  154.22% 
Peter Lawson Mizuho Securities USA Buy   Oct 08, '12   16.35  17.00  Oct 08, '13  33.94% 
David Ferreiro Oppenheimer & Co. Buy   Sep 11, '12   15.69    Sep 11, '13  38.37% 
Peter Lawson Mizuho Securities USA Buy   Aug 30, '12   15.28  17.00  Aug 30, '13  33.84% 
Sung Ji Nam Cantor Fitzgerald Buy   Jun 25, '12   14.72  17.00  Jun 25, '13  15.49% 
David Ferreiro Oppenheimer & Co. Buy   May 10, '12   14.65  19.00  May 10, '13  29.69% 
David Ferreiro Oppenheimer & Co. Buy   Nov 08, '11   13.65  19.00  Nov 08, '12  6.59% 
David Ferreiro Oppenheimer & Co. Buy   Oct 04, '11   14.32  19.00  Oct 04, '12  17.32%