Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)

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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. operates as a semiconductor company worldwide. It operates in two segments, Computing Solutions and Graphics. The company designs, develops, and sells microprocessor products, such as central processing units (CPU) and accelerated processing units (APU) for servers, desktop PCs, and mobile devices. Its microprocessors for server platforms include AMD Opteron 6000, 4000, and 3000 series processors; APUs for mobile PC platforms consist of performance mainstream AMD A-Series APU, the AMD E-Series APU for everyday performance, the AMD C-Series APU for HD Internet experiences in small form factors, and the AMD Z-Series APU for Windows-based tablets; and CPUs for mobile PC platforms comprise the AMD Phenom II mobile processor, AMD Turion X2 mobile processor, AMD Turion II mobile processor, AMD Turion II ultra mobile processor, and AMD Athlon II processor. The company’s APUs for desktop PC platforms primarily comprise the AMD A Series APU and the AMD E-Series APU, second generation desktop AMD FX processors, and AMD A-Series APUs for mainstream desktop platforms; and CPUs for desktop PC platforms include AMD FX processors, AMD Athlon II processors, and AMD Sempron processors. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. also offers embedded processor products for vendors in industrial controls, digital signage, point of sale/self-service kiosks, medical imaging, set-top box, and casino gaming machines. In addition, it provides chipset products with and without integrated graphics processors for desktop PCs and servers, and AMD controller hub-based chipsets for its APUs; and graphics, video, and multimedia products for use in desktop and notebook computers. The company serves original equipment manufacturers, original design manufacturers, system builders, and independent distributors directly, as well as through independent distributors and sales representatives. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.
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Reem Mansour Unaffiliated Buy   May 21, '16   4.04  4.90  Aug 21, '16  3.47% 
Mark Lipacis Jefferies & Co. Buy   Apr 22, '16   3.99  4.50  Apr 22, '17  4.76% 
Daniel Berenbaum MKM Partners LLC Buy   Apr 22, '16   3.99    Apr 22, '17  4.76% 
Joseph Moore Morgan Stanley Sell   Apr 22, '16   3.99  2.65  Apr 22, '17  -4.76% 
John Pitzer Credit Suisse Sell   Apr 22, '16   3.99  3.50  Apr 22, '17  12.28% 
Rick Schafer Oppenheimer & Co. Sell   Mar 04, '16   2.37    Mar 04, '17  N/A 
John Pitzer Credit Suisse Sell   Jan 20, '16   1.80    Jan 20, '17  N/A 
Stephen Chin UBS Sell   Jan 20, '16   1.80  1.50  Jan 20, '17  -132.22% 
Gus Richard Piper Jaffray Buy   Jan 20, '16   1.80  5.00  Jan 20, '17  132.22% 
Brandon Barrett Unaffiliated Sell   Dec 03, '15   2.23  1.50  Dec 03, '16  -87.44% 
Gus Richard Piper Jaffray Buy   Oct 26, '15   2.15  5.00  Oct 26, '16  94.42% 
Srini Pajjuri Credit Agricole Securities Sell   Oct 16, '15   1.94    Oct 16, '16  -115.46% 
David Wong Wells Fargo Securities, Llc Buy   Oct 16, '15   1.94  3.25  Oct 16, '16  115.46% 
John Pitzer Credit Suisse Sell   Oct 16, '15   1.94  1.90  Oct 16, '16  2.06% 
Rick Schafer Oppenheimer & Co. Sell   Oct 16, '15   1.94    Oct 16, '16  -115.46% 
Mark Lipacis Jefferies & Co. Buy   Oct 02, '15   1.83  3.50  Oct 02, '16  128.42% 
Rick Schafer Oppenheimer & Co. Sell   Jul 17, '15   1.79    Jul 17, '16  -133.52% 
John Pitzer Credit Suisse Sell   Jul 07, '15   2.09    Jul 07, '16  -100.00% 
Mark Lipacis Jefferies & Co. Buy   Jul 07, '15   2.09  3.50  Jul 07, '16  100.00% 
Gus Richard Piper Jaffray Buy   Jun 09, '15   2.29    Jun 09, '16  82.53% 
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