NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA)

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NVIDIA Corporation, a visual computing company, develops graphics chips for use in personal computers (PC), mobile devices, and supercomputers. The company operates through two segments, GPU and Tegra Processors. The GPU segment offers GeForce for consumer desktop and notebook PCs; Quadro for professional workstations; Tesla for supercomputing servers and workstations; GRID Graphics Modules for industry-standard servers to accelerate virtual desktop infrastructure; and GRID Systems for applications ranging from streaming games to hosting graphics-intensive design applications. The Tegra Processors segment offers Tegra processor, a system-on-a-chip that provides visual and multimedia experience on tablets, smartphones, and gaming devices; Icera baseband processors and radio frequency transceivers for mobile connectivity; integrated chip solutions, which combine the Tegra applications processor and the Icera baseband processor; Project SHIELD, an Android gaming device that help users enjoy digital content in the cloud; Tegra VCM, a Tegra-based vehicle computing module, which integrates an entire automotive computer into a single component; and embedded computing platforms for various digital consumer devices, such as TVs and smart monitors. The company sells its products to original equipment manufacturers, original design manufacturers, system builders, add-in card and motherboard manufacturers, and consumer electronics companies, as well as gamers, enterprises, and tablet and mobile phone users. NVIDIA Corporation was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.
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Michael Mcconnell Pacific Crest Securities Sell   Jun 23, '14   18.71    Jun 23, '15  6.47% 
Vivek Arya BofA Merrill Lynch Sell   Jun 19, '14   19.14  19.00  Jun 19, '15  8.57% 
Doug Freedman RBC Capital Markets Buy   May 19, '14   18.46  26.00  May 19, '15  -5.20% 
Kevin Cassidy Stifel Nicolaus & Company, Inc. Buy   May 09, '14   17.97  22.00  May 09, '15  -2.62% 
Alex Gauna JMP Securities Buy   Apr 01, '14   18.56  26.00  Apr 01, '15  -5.71% 
Kevin Cassidy Stifel Nicolaus & Company, Inc. Buy   Mar 19, '14   18.47  21.00  Mar 19, '15  -5.25% 
Joseph Moore Morgan Stanley Sell   Feb 13, '14   17.20    Feb 13, '15  -1.74% 
Craig Ellis B. Riley & Company, Inc. Buy   Feb 13, '14   17.20    Feb 13, '15  1.74% 
Joseph Moore Morgan Stanley Sell   Nov 18, '13   15.55    Nov 18, '14  -12.54% 
Krishna Shankar Roth Capital Partners LLC Buy   Sep 19, '13   15.70  20.00  Sep 19, '14  11.46% 
Romit Shah Nomura Buy   Aug 09, '13   14.21  17.00  Aug 09, '14  23.15% 
kalyan srinivasa Unaffiliated Buy   Jul 18, '13   13.96  18.00  Jul 18, '14  38.25% 
Betsy Van Hees Wedbush Securities Inc. Buy   May 10, '13   14.25    May 10, '14  26.67% 
Hans Mosesmann Raymond James Buy   May 10, '13   14.25    May 10, '14  26.67% 
Robert Burleson Canaccord Genuity Buy   May 07, '13   13.38    May 07, '14  36.40% 
Patrick Wang Evercore Partners Sell   Apr 14, '13   12.57  11.00  Apr 14, '14  -44.15% 
Krishna Shankar Roth Capital Partners LLC Buy   Apr 12, '13   12.83    Apr 12, '14  41.23% 
Romit Shah Nomura Buy   Mar 19, '13   12.37  15.00  Mar 19, '14  47.45% 
Chris Caso Susquehanna Financial Group Sell   Mar 10, '13   12.45  11.15  Mar 10, '14  -47.47% 
Patrick Wang Evercore Partners Sell   Feb 19, '13   12.29  11.00  Feb 19, '14  -45.65% 
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