The AES Corporation (AES)

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The AES Corporation operates as a diversified power generation and utility company. It owns and/or operates power plants to generate and sell power to customers, such as utilities, industrial users, and other intermediaries. The company also owns and/or operates utilities to generate or purchase, distribute, transmit, and sell electricity to end-user customers in the residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental sectors; and generates and sells electricity to the wholesale market. Its portfolio includes a range of fuels, including coal, gas, fuel oil, water, wind, and solar. The AES Corporation owns and/or operates a generation portfolio of approximately 31,000 megawatts. The company has operations in the United States, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The AES Corporation was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.
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Ali Agha Suntrust Robinson Humphrey Buy   Feb 12, '18     14.00  Feb 12, '19  N/A 
Ali Agha Suntrust Robinson Humphrey Buy   Sep 13, '17     15.00  Sep 13, '18  N/A 
Gregg Orrill Barclays Buy   Jun 30, '14   15.20    Jun 30, '15  -13.42% 
Gary Hovis Argus Research Company Buy   Nov 22, '13   14.41  18.00  Nov 22, '14  -2.15% 
Brian Chin Citi Sell   May 09, '13   13.05    May 09, '14  -7.89% 
Ali Agha Suntrust Robinson Humphrey Buy   Apr 18, '13   12.46  15.00  Apr 18, '14  18.86% 
Ali Agha Suntrust Robinson Humphrey Buy   Mar 25, '13   12.15  15.00  Mar 25, '14  21.95% 
Gary Hovis Argus Research Company Buy   Mar 24, '13   12.15  16.00  Mar 24, '14  14.32% 
Ali Agha Suntrust Robinson Humphrey Buy   Feb 27, '13   11.49  13.50  Feb 27, '14  23.32% 
Ali Agha Suntrust Robinson Humphrey Buy   Nov 07, '12   9.94  12.50  Nov 07, '13  41.35% 
Brian Chin Citi Buy   Aug 28, '12   11.26  17.00  Aug 28, '13  13.06% 
Brian Russo Ladenburg Thalmann & Co. Buy   Nov 28, '11   11.30  16.00  Nov 28, '12  -8.58% 
Brian Chin Citi Buy   May 19, '11   12.79  16.00  May 19, '12  -7.58%