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Research In Motion Limited, doing business as BlackBerry, engages in the design, manufacture, and marketing of wireless solutions worldwide. It provides platforms and solutions for access to email, voice, instant messaging, short message service, Internet and Intranet-based applications, and browsing through the development of integrated hardware, software, and services. The company’s technology also enables an array of third party developers and manufacturers to enhance their products and services through software development kits, wireless connectivity to data, and third-party support programs. Its products, services, and embedded technologies include the BlackBerry wireless solution, the BlackBerry Wireless Handheld product line, the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, software development tools, and other software and hardware. The company also provides BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, an enterprise mobility management solution for device management, and security and mobile applications management to BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry PlayBook tablets, and BlackBerry 10 smartphones. In addition, the company offers development platform that allow third party commercial and enterprise software developers to build and deploy custom applications to run on BlackBerry smartphones; products and technologies to third party developers, wireless carriers, and enterprise customers to develop, distribute, and manage these applications; and a range of software development tools. Further, it provides the BlackBerry Messenger Social Apps Platform; and push, payments, advertising, location, map, analytics, and Scoreloop services, as well as repair and maintenance services. The company sells its BlackBerry wireless solutions through wireless communications carriers and third party distribution channels. Research In Motion Limited was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Waterloo, Canada.
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Simona Jankowski Goldman Sachs Sell   Dec 21, '15   8.72  6.00  Dec 21, '16  19.04% 
Kulbinder Garcha Credit Suisse Sell   Dec 17, '15   7.80  6.00  Dec 17, '16  9.49% 
Kevin Smithen Macquarie Research Equities Sell   Oct 19, '15   7.18  7.00  Oct 19, '16  2.51% 
Kulbinder Garcha Credit Suisse Sell   Sep 28, '15   6.30  6.00  Sep 28, '16  -12.06% 
Todd Coupland CIBC World Markets Sell   Sep 08, '15   7.40  7.25  Sep 08, '16  4.59% 
Charles Graham Unaffiliated Buy   Aug 29, '15   7.59  8.50  Sep 29, '15  -17.00% 
James Faucette Pacific Crest Securities Sell   May 29, '15   9.80    May 29, '16  27.96% 
James Faucette Pacific Crest Securities Sell   Mar 30, '15   8.80    Mar 30, '16  10.57% 
Simona Jankowski Goldman Sachs Sell   Mar 09, '15   9.86  9.00  Mar 09, '16  17.44% 
James Faucette Pacific Crest Securities Sell   Dec 22, '14   10.68    Dec 22, '15  18.35% 
Scott Penner TD Newcrest Buy   Dec 22, '14   10.68    Dec 22, '15  -18.35% 
Colin Gillis BGC Partners Buy   Dec 17, '14   9.98  12.50  Dec 17, '15  25.25% 
Ehud Gelblum Morgan Stanley Sell   Nov 19, '14   10.19  7.00  Nov 19, '15  31.31% 
Adam Jonas Morgan Stanley Sell   Nov 19, '14   10.19    Nov 19, '15  25.12% 
James Faucette Pacific Crest Securities Sell   Nov 19, '14   10.19    Nov 19, '15  25.12% 
Richard Tse Cormark Securities Inc. Buy   Nov 14, '14   11.20  17.00  Nov 14, '15  -35.54% 
Kulbinder Garcha Credit Suisse Sell   Sep 30, '14   9.94  6.00  Sep 30, '15  39.44% 
Andy Perkins SG Securities Sell   Jun 20, '14   9.81    Jun 20, '15  9.17% 
Mark Mckechnie Evercore Partners Sell   Jun 18, '14   8.29    Jun 18, '15  -12.30% 
Colin Gillis BGC Partners Buy   Jun 18, '14   8.29  15.00  Jun 18, '15  12.30% 
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